Thursday, February 10, 2011

What the Year of the Metal Rabbit has in store for the Rats

Praying to the gods for luck and prosperity
My visit to the Chinese (Taoist) temples during the Chinese New Year's Eve is something I look forward to every year.  My family and I go to 3 temples in Manila: one in Ermita and two in Chinatown.

Besides the Chinese culture and tradition that involved prayers and rituals for the New Year, and of course, seeing the handful of celebrities who usually go to the temples as well at this time of the year, it was a thrill for me to know what the Year of the Metal Rabbit has in store for me.  I'm a rat by the way - a wood rat to be exact.

Last year, while the prediction for the rats was actually very good, we were however warned about health issues.  But this year, the rats are totally out of the bad luck list!!!
This year, the following Chinese Zodiacs are the luckiest:

     Tiger (Male)
     Rat (Female)

Did I mention that everybody in my family is lucky? 

My dad's a monkey, my mom's a rat and my brother's a tiger.  So perhaps I'm already the least lucky in my family for this year.  But I need not fret nonetheless.  I may not be the luckiest of zodiacs for the year (being a male rat); but I am not part of the bad luck list either.  In fact, I am luckier this year than last year.  And last year was definitely a great year for me.

After, doing further research and gathering some information, here's what 2011 has to offer to all the rats:

-The zodiac sight of the rat will see a lot of improvement in the general luck category compared to the 2010 luck cycle.  Rats will have amazing wealth luck in the Year of the Rabbit as the wealth star will shine brightly. 

-There is unexpected money inflow because of the wealth luck.

-Events are expected to go smoothly and things will go accordingly as planned.

-Blossoming romance with baby luck because of the romance star.

-Career development in the office; better relationship with superiors and colleagues.  Superb advancement in professional life and work will be highlighted.  April, October and November are well-starred for this.  And July, August, December and January will be particularly special months.

-More creative at work, including writing.  Accordingly, creativity in writing is heightened.

-Particularly, wood rats will be very popular among friends.

-Significant relief in nearly all areas of life activities.

-Healthwise, vitality will be improved.  There will be a feeling of strength, taking better care of onself, maintaining a good diet and steady exericse routine.

-There will be personal growth, and hobbies and developing skills that will bring happiness.

-Steady progress throughout 2011.

Don't you just love this Year of the Metal Rabbit?  I say, uh-huh!

People outside the Taoist Temple, praying together to welcome the New Year

The entrace of the temple in Chinatown

The cue towards the altar with the people, eager to pray to the gods

On the second floor of the temple
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