Thursday, February 10, 2011

A very romantic note

A true story.

Alexa: For what it's worth, I'm glad tonight happened. I saw your other side. Don't change for me. I could have kissed you at St. Patrick's. But I didn't feel it tonight. I'd be happy if you could find another girl who fits you. I'm not mad at all. If ever I see you with another girl, I'd even come over to say hi. I don't have any bad feelings for you. We can be friends, but not dating friends. I only wish you well. I'm so tired. I was standing in my heels for three hours. So good night.

Brian: What I told you is what I mean and feel. On one hand, I am so truly sad that I messed it up. But on the other hand, I am happy that I can get to know you better as a friend first. Friendship is something I value very high. It will give us the time we need to see if ever you will have that St. Patrick's feeling again. I love you, Alexa.

This was really a moving experience for my friend - perhaps more moving for me. I felt the love and the sacrifice; the sacrifice to let go, even if it means being bothered of, and not knowing what could have been. Now I understand the meaning of what other people say, that we could have the right love for each other, but because of the circumstances and the differences, the love couldn't really blossom. We then have to be faced with the truth - and sometimes, only sacrifice is the answer that could set us free. I melted - and died.

*The names and the place were changed to protect the identity of the persons.

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