Monday, February 14, 2011

Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway's Equus

Seeing Steven Seagal as a kid was not exactly memorable.  I was just walking along one of the long corridors of the Hong Kong International Airport when he walked nonchalantly past us.  But living in the third world and being full of inexperience, I thought, "well, it IS possible to meet those Hollywood stars!"  And the yearning began.

Daniel Radcliffe

Even with the longing at hand, I never did think that I'd be that lucky to get a glimpse of these fame-stricken faces.  When I went to New York in December 2008, all I wanted to see in person was Daniel Radcliffe, who, very timely, had a Broadway show at that time.  His play, Equus, was brought from London to New York on a short engagement.  If they do, famous actors would normally have their shows on Broadway during the winter and the spring - which would probably be the leaner seasons to them for their other projects. 

I really had to get an orchestra seat and I was not gonna let chance at the TKTS dictate it.  Not only did I see him act and sing in person - he was good by the way.  I also did get to see him butt-naked.  Yes, butt-naked doing a sex scene with an equally naked girl.  And when he suddenly got insane and hysterical, he just started to jump, run around and roll over the theater stage.  I guess you know what things were dangling, slapping and swinging from side to side.  I need not explain any further.  The mommy seated beside me had to cover her child's eyes.  And my cousin, who was dead tired from a ski trip and who was sound asleep, sprang to full awakening with eyes wide open.  I guess they didn't know that Harry Potter was gonna do such a thing as I myself didn't know either.

I wasn't very organized when I watched his show such that I didn't get the opportunity to wait at the best possible line that would allow me a photograph with him and an autograph on my Playbill's cover.  But it was good enough to see him up close and to take his photo.

Daniel Radcliffe from my point of view, signing Playbills

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