Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friendshipwrecked - a poem

I have never hidden my true skin.
That, you owe to me.
Call me blunt, plastic or mean;
I accede and I don't intend to change.

Friendships I thought have been forged in hard stone
crumbled as I crushed them with my bare hands.
You caused the blossoming flower to wither.
I refuse to believe otherwise.

The hi's and hello's were in truth empty;
And those lengthy conversations and moments spent
never for an instance touched my soul.
For a panel of glass has always kept us apart.

And just as you have been distant from me, as I have been to you;
the cage I'm in, I realized I never really knew.
So with the deepest gratitude, I am telling you,
you gave me the reality that I have always feared.

Please don't say I didn't try;
I gave my best and that you can't deny.


Warning:  This poem is the intellectual property of the author.  Unauthorized reproduction and/or distribution is prohibited.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Did you really get away? - a poem

If only it is not inevitable for us to part;
But reality strikes back at me.
That is hardly possible;
Perhaps insurmountable only as of the moment.

Africa was that place I never thought I'd see.
And when I did, idea was about mere lions and safari.
Not in my deepest memories have I thought about a bond -
of friendship that could go strong and probably blond.

And then in the spring that I almost did not await;
A decision was made and a pact was acceded.
A visit was in order but everything was hazy.
On my birth month - the only thing illumined.

Things fell into place and have gotten crazy;
From peak to peak, abandon seemed endless.
But before denouement was even reached;
Infirmity arose - there was an attempt to mess.

Affliction turned into a cord and the cord into a moment.
It wasn't a wolf dressed like a sheep but otherwise.
It was at this juncture that the star twinkled brightly;
But I reckoned an action is unwise.

So from afar your smiles I have observed;
In fact I have so much absorbed those times of pure bits of frolic.
I am aware of the bitterness that this could cause;
But nonetheless aimed not to hold back.

The ambition was however a failed attempt;
I had to inhibit lest disaster was in order.
But as your favorite artist did say,
There must be no regrets, just love.

In the end, happiness enveloped my being.
Viva Forever, our concert will always play in my heart.

July 19, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011