Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Starbucks that feels like home

How could anybody not patronize a Starbucks store whose barrista, upon seeing you, pleasantly smiles and says, "Hi Patrick!  Your usual?"  This was Dara's greeting, a barrista at Starbucks Doppio in Rockwell.  All I could say was, "Yes," plus a hearty smile.  The cashier need not hear my order called twice.  She immediately punched my order - an iced grande soy, less/light ice with one Splenda, caramel machiatto - which came out neatly in the new IBM flatscreen.  The superb service and my perfectly-prepared drink are actually more than what I could ask for.  The survey that came with the free Starbucks coffee is just the cherry on top of a sundae - but a welcome one!  I am a Starbucks regular customer for 10 years.  J'adore le Cafe Starbucks! <3

Repost from Facebook Notes, 6 October 2010

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