Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am a pony

Let me tell you about a simple story that has an invaluable meaning. I heard this from a lawyer in no less than my favorite city in the world - NYC, particularly in Times Square sometime during the winter of 2008 and 2009. (I made some enhancements on the story to make it feel more alive.)

A couple was blessed with 2 sons, Robert and Andrew.

While growing up, the couple noticed that Robert has developed into an optimistic kid. Robert became a jolly and friendly person. On the other hand, Andrew turned into a pessimistic one. He preferred staying alone and keeping to himself.

One day, the couple decided to do an experiment with their children. They decided to see how something can change their children's perspective -- how Robert can become a pessimist and how Andrew can become an optimist, given the circumstances.

Before picking the boys up from school, the couple decided to execute their plan. They put a lot of toys in Andrew's room, thinking that it will somehow make him feel excited and more positive. On the other hand, they put horse poop in Robert's room, expecting that he would be furious and upset about it.

When the kids arrived, they left their things in the living room and went to their own rooms. Andrew's eyes widened with surprise when he saw the multitude of toys in his room, toys he never imagined he'd have! The couple was almost pleased by this reaction, until Andrew remarked, "Oh no! These toys aren't mine! Somebody must have put them here in my room as a trap for something!"

Before the couple could reply, they heard Robert shouting from his room. Robert declared that there was stinky poop in his room. His mother told him that it looked like a horse poop. With this, the boy suddenly smiled, and exclaimed, "A pony must be coming! I'm having a pony!"

I just had goosebumps right after I wrote the story.

From then on, I've aimed to be a pony, not only to myself but also to others. ✿

Warning:  This poem is the intellectual property of the author.  Unauthorized reproduction and/or distribution is prohibited. All rights reserved.


  1. That's a nice story, Pat! I'm such an Andrew =D

  2. You better be a Robert then! We all should. :)