Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jessica Raine - a poem

Jessica Raine or ** fondly called;
I dreamt of thee with urge.
In solitaire there was thou with me I recalled,
Stripping to change for tardy at work's church.

Awaketh!  The trail of dream's thought has ceased,
from below thy navel's feathery dead end sign.
Warning intruders under pain of leather and fabric,
against the raging reptile in hybernation.

What joy to that who will be lucky
to have thee as a spouse.
For thou arn't only with facade of beauty,
but also passionate for love and family.

Rest assured beyond friendship I will not dare to flee;
Although for sure I am truly, truly beholden to thee.


17 September 2008

Warning:  This poem is the intellectual property of the author.  Unauthorized reproduction and/or distribution is prohibited. All rights reserved.

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