Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Distance, Fate and Sadness - a poem

From inception I knew you were special.
How your lashes aimlessly flutter and
your long, slim hands gracefully animate themselves.
It was quite trivial for me actually.

But I respected you just like any person should be.
I neither pried nor stalked.
I kept my distance;
Although it was quite difficult to do.

And then something came up.
I never expected a pleasant surprise.
A second apparition was timely;
And everything felt real and calm and happy.

But as it is in welcomes and hellos;
Things will come to an end.
Goodbye was inevitable,
Anxiety was extremely unbearable.

I thought I could never move on;
But there was nothing left to do but feel it.
The sorrow enveloped me for weeks until now.
But the distant you get, the easier it was for me to heal.

But somehow jolts of shock arise
whenever you let yourself known.
Those heys and hellos never seem to be calming.
Maybe because I know what lies ahead - our fate.

Or maybe not - I am without a clue.
But perhaps even friendship is a challenge.
Distance seems to distance ourselves.
I don't exactly know how else to bridge.

My fear is almost materializing;
The days turn into weeks and later, months.
We might end up becoming acquaintances once more
who had a good time together - once...

But sad to say you never demanded anything from me;
So I realized I should not expect anything from you.


4 August 2011

Warning:  This poem is the intellectual property of the author.  Unauthorized reproduction and/or distribution is prohibited.


  1. i think i know to whom this poem is for ;) -H

  2. sometimes you have to be the first one to reach out and take the risk- mrs. rufino